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Spring Cleaning During Winter

As we all know, the winter season makes us more susceptible to getting a cold. This winter is probably the most critical one because of Covid-19. Considering there may potentially be a second wave of the Corona Virus, it’s best we all take precautions for ourselves and our families.

Of course, avoiding contact with large groups of people is critical. It seems everyone has become too relaxed, but understandably people want to get out. Regardless of Covid-19, we should take some simple steps to keep our homes clean this winter. We shouldn’t forget about all the other germs, bacteria and viruses out there!

One of the best pieces of advice we can give this winter is to declutter your home. Getting rid of all the unnecessary things in our homes makes cleaning a lot easier. Some of the places where we can store our extra goods include our garages and storage places, but sometimes you just have to let go! It’s simply too hard to reach everything if there’s too much stuff blocking access.

The other advice we like to give to clients is to clean the vents inside air conditioners, kitchen sinks, carpets, windows and washing machine and dryer vents. This is basically a spring clean. It’s also a good idea to always take off your shoes at the door so that dirt and germs don’t get inside easily, because we step on all kinds of surfaces all day!

While general cleans are always welcome, we all need to take care during winter by putting in some extra effort. Cleaning our house properly means being conscious of the environment we live in on a day to day basis.

It’s also a matter of ensuring we stay healthy and look after ourselves. Having a clean and organised home means that we can relax more in the environment we live in every day.

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