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Effective Kitchen Cleaning

Whether you prefer conventional or eco-friendly cleaning, there some essentials we use for a perfect clean finish in your kitchen.

Does it involve using heavy duty chemicals? No. Because it’s best to keep cleaning simple. The best results are achieved when we combined simplicity with precision and attention to detail.

How do we get the best finish?

Well, put it this way, microfibre cloths are the best thing since sponges. While taking away oils and other leftovers in the kitchen, no scratches are left on sensitive surfaces. In doing so, it’s important to take off any yukky stuff gently and not rub as if you’re trying to take the paint off!

With years of experiences, our cleaners know the best techniques and use their judgement to get across all the fine details.

The other part of the story is what we use.

Again, it’s kind of simple… Eucalyptus oil is one of the key ingredients. People sometimes forget about this wonderful oil with other products being in the limelight. There are so many fancy things that we could pull out and say it will get the job done. But in actual fact, using Eucalyptus oil based solutions plays a part in overcoming cleaning problems in offices and the household.

The properties of Eucalyptus oil were well known by the Aborigines and recognised as well by people during Australia’s early colonial history.

Not only is it non-toxic, it leaves a wonderful fragrance in the end. More importantly, it disinfects kitchen surfaces giving you the confidence to cook without feeling that nasty chemicals are entering your food. It helps takes away the grime and grease that has been building up over days and maybe weeks.

We also like to use Eucalyptus oil to clean the kitchen floors.

Life is too short, and we all need to stay as healthy as possible - a part of this process starts in the kitchen.

Ultimately, tried and tested products, sound techniques as well as healthy and effective products are part of the formula for a wonderful clean finish in the kitchen.

Let us know how we can help.

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