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Keeping your home germ free

The Coronavirus has increased awareness about the necessity of maintaining hygiene – both personal and in the home.

We’re passionate about keeping individuals and families healthy. We simply underestimate the number of bacteria and germs in the home. A lack of information about cleaning and appropriate measures increases the risks associated with being exposed to germs and bacteria.

That’s why we need to gain access to accurate information to help minimise these risks.

Following our blog on Effective Kitchen Cleaning, we want to reiterate the importance of focusing more cleaning time in the kitchen.

Microbiologist Dr Charles Gerba from the University of Arizona indicated that the greatest number of bacteria is located in the kitchen sink. In fact, there’s more bacteria in the kitchen sink than in the toilet!

We spend so much time cleaning the toilet and we forget other places in the home. What other areas in the home are full of bacteria and germs?

The same research by Dr Charles Gerba shows there’s quite a lot of bacteria on bathroom taps and handles and doorknobs in the home. Giving more of these sensitive areas are good scrub are excellent cleaning measures.

In other words, good cleaning in the home isn’t just about use the right products, but also knowing which areas of the home to clean and how often is imperative. Disinfecting the kitchen sink as regularly as possible because of food that ends up in this area. It’s also vital that we clean bathroom taps and handles and doorknobs once to twice a week.

Are you time poor? Eko Cleaning Solutions is here to help. Of course, these measures won’t necessarily prevent us from getting the Coronavirus. It’s super important to observe the advice on how to protect yourself and those around you.

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